e-Sales Manager for people thinking over improving sales operations

A revolution in the organizational efficiency of sales

Are you worried about low proceeds?
e-Sales Manager(CRM/SFA) can make sales operations more efficient and contribute to a sell-well structure aligned to your company's strategy.
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The reasons why we are chosen continually

e-sales manager is not only software, but also a solution for sales problems and a service package for getting results.

Don't you have troubles as follow?

  • I cannot see the sales operation process. I don't know the reason why I won or lost.
  • We cannot share the information efficiently. We save the customer data and negotiation memo on paper.
  • I don't know how to make a set up to raise sales.
  • I cannot track the activities of sales people and management is difficult.

Solve with e-Sales Manager

For beginner of using CRM/SFA - Merit of using CRM/SFA -

Merit for top manager

It is easy to pinpoint loss of resources and make strategy.

Merit for middle manager

It makes management of sales operations and process much easier.

Merit for sales person

It makes making status reports much easier.

Cooperation with other solutions

  • Business card Register

    • Sansan x e-Sales Manager Remix Cloud
  • Business trip expense calculation

    • Rakurakuseisan for e-Sales Manager Remix Cloud
    • Rakuraku Ryohi.net for e-Sales Manager Remix Cloud
  • work flow management

    • ActionPassport & Create!WebFlow for e-Sales Manager Remix Cloud

The variety of functions you need

All the functions are for supporting your sales operations.

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