Automatic alerts | e-Sales Manager Remix Cloud

Automatic alerts

e-Sales Manager has a function that automatically emails additions to a TO DO list or a specific list based on presets,so the manager can understand the situation immediately and give instructions based on this understanding, so that a sales person can make a quick response, leaving no matter unattended.

Sales alert set up

STEP1. Set the condition which you want to be alerted to.


  • When project item’s accuracy becomes higher, an email will be sent to your relevant authorities automatically.
  • When you receive a claim, an email will be sent to sales person and the relevant authorities.
  • When you forget to register report of negotiation.
  • When the condition matches with certain rules, it will be added to the list.

STEP2. When certain conditions are fulfilled, the alerts are sent out properly.



Example of alert:

  • When 1 week has passed since the presentation.
  • When a certain number of days has passed since the last follow-up.
  • When the accuracy of change order outlooks for large projects has changed.

When you find the behavior patterns of a good sales person and set it as a condition, everyone can learn from that strategy and improve the performance of the sales department overall.

Improve by e-Sales Manger

  • It will prevent projects being left unattended.
  • Automatic status report will make management easier.
  • Managers can grasp the situation easily and be enabled to make quick decisions.