Cooperation with core system | e-Sales Manager Remix Cloud

Cooperation with core system

Utilizing the data of the core system, you can easily link with e-Sales Manager. By exchanging data between e-Sales Manager and core system, you are able to make one comprehensive report, analyzable depending on your situation.

System connection

  • By deploying the client module for batch cooperation of e-Sales Manager, data will be imported/exported in CSV format between e-Sales Manager and core system.
  • It is also possible to import data from core systems to e-Sales Manager, then manage all of the data collectively in e-Sales Manager.
  • It is possible to create a user-defined item and by adding this kind of your own analysis item, even more flexible management is possible.
  • By merely pasting the URL from external systems or web sites, you can access directly from e-Sales Manager.

Improve by e-Sales Manger

  • Utilizing the data of core system reduces operation time.
  • No costly customization is required to link with core systems.