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Applied for mobile & smart phone

Always on call, spending a lot of time visiting customers, the busy sales person is burdened by having to spend time sitting at their desk filling out status reports. With e-Sales Manager, standardized use of mobile and smart phones means they can report in whenever, from wherever they are. Also, to lessen the hassle of input via phone, the input process is simplified and streamlined: by just picking the item and answering, the data is automatically incorporated into the system.

From on the road or on call, input from wherever, whenever! Just pick the item and answer. Simple!

Via the 5W's and 1R, the basic items are kept under control.
By focusing on simplifying input, most items are
pull down buttons or radio buttons.

Improve by e-sales Manager

  • Simple input from onsite via mobile & smart phone.
  • Simplified input means more time can be used for sales operations.
  • By not relying on character based input, analysis of gathered data is simple.