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Input tailored to sales process

Can your analysis of every customer depend on the same kind of information?
Of course, the answer is no. You need different information depending on the stage and type of business involved. Instead of inputting from fixed check boxes, answering a great deal of questions, by using a streamlined page by page input method which gathers only the information relevant to each stage and business content, you analyses will be more efficient and valuable.

Complaint / Cost estimate Depending on
content of the activity and level of progress,
the question which you are required to answer
will be changed automatically

For example:

DM/Make an appointment/Proposals/Estimates/follow-up/closing/claims and so on.
No follow-up/proposal stage/deal with trouble/Order not received/Order received and so on.

If you choose the basic information, Scenario engine will adapt flexibly and display the appropriate questions.
The Scenario engine is the system that based on inputted settings, the information which you need will be shown automatically, not the information you don't need.

Improve by e-Sales Manger

  • You don't need to fill in useless information, making it easy to operate.
  • It will help raise skills of the sales department and make for enlightened operations.
  • Useful information will be accumulated, ready to be used.