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"Visible" sales operations

For effective management, bottlenecks have to be identified. To increase sales productivity, 4 elements are necessary: first, those elements have to be made visible. e-Sales Manager supports the process of managing and making each element visible.

Increased sales productivity = {(Increased number of business negotiations) x (Increased scale of negotiations) x (Increased number of agreements reached) } / (shortening of time period for negotiations)

Listing up of elements needed for management

With e-Sales Manager, all 4 elements for increased business productivity can be checked via one simple screen. Because all of the elements are available at once, new strategies can be applied immediately.

Image of operational productivity indexes

  • Negotiation items : Negotiation numbers displayed by status
  • Negotiation scale : Changes in negotiated unit price display
  • Time period for negotiations : Show average numbers of orders
  • Business success rate : Changes in prospective customers until orders received

Improve by e-Sales Manager

  • Each element is made visible, so bottlenecks are easy to find.
  • By using accurate up to the minute data, scientific management becomes possible.
  • By grasping the situation immediately, strategy planning and action can be made swiftly.